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July 27, 2015

Author: Natasha Bhaloo, LIST Student

My experience at the New Circles Program is amazing so far. What I am doing in the program is hanging clothes on the racks and restocking the clothes on the shelves in the GLOW store. The most memorable thing that happened was that I met new friends. It made me feel so happy. Yes, it was valuable information that I could use in life and to share with others. My personal comment about the New Circles program is that the program is amazing because I get to learn new things every day. When I work in the GLOW store Monday to Wednesdays I get to work in the store with my friends and I get to gain a lot of retail experience. It builds confidence in me.

July 27, 2015

Author: Daniel Khoshnood, LIST Student

I’ve been volunteering at GLOW for the past week now and I still enjoy it quite a lot! I enjoy giving back to the community and this is one of the best ways to do it. I also get crucial hours for volunteering and valuable job experience that would be pivotal for my next job. The training seminars are incredibly interesting, I now know a lot about retail jobs so even if I don’t choose to pursue that path, I can respect the workers for the hard work they do.

July 17, 2015

Author: Sara Ahmed, LIST Student

For the past week and a half I’ve been volunteering at GLOW and to be honest, I think it’s great. I mean, I’m not gonna lie, constantly putting clothes on hangers may be a bit tiresome, but it gives you the full experience. I think having a store like GLOW is so amazing because it’s so convenient and accommodating for families. It’s also very cultural, for example there are lots of families from different backgrounds which makes GLOW so diverse and a fun place to be.

July 17, 2015

Author: Simona Rajani, LIST Student

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” ~ Winston Churchill

New Circles has been giving this opportunity to many families and has helped families reinvent themselves. It is a non-profit organization run by determined volunteers who take this as a pathway towards stronger community.

In response to the humanitarian crisis, New Circles has opened its doors to welcome Syrian refugees arriving in the City of Toronto. Working with Lifeline Syria and other partner agencies, we have made a commitment to provide free clothing to the refugees for up to two years.  Not only will families receive quality clothing, they can also access social programs, language tutoring and training opportunities offered at no cost by New Circles.

Clothing, along with food and housing, is a basic necessity.  “With so many initiatives taking place across the city, we are in a unique position to provide extended support to help families meet this particular need.  We have lots of capacity to sort and distribute clothing, a great team of volunteers and a wide network of clothing donors and agency partners.”  says Alykhan Suleman, Executive Director.

award recipients

New Circles hosted the second annual Community Service Awards on September 15, 2015, where six youth were recognized...

group photo

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October 16th marked New Circles’ 2nd annual Spooktacular Event – an opportunity for some of our youngest shoppers to visit us and select the perfect Halloween outfit!
Over 100 children ages 0 – 12 were able to have their Halloween wishes come true – expressing their inner princesses, superheroes, goblins, ghosts and much more.
New Circles doubled the number of participants served this year, due largely to the sourcing efforts of event organizer Poppy Phioukham, for whom the celebration resonated personally. “I remember growing up with parents who had made the difficult journey to Canada themselves. As a child it is so easy to feel different or that you don’t belong. This is made so apparent if you don’t have the means to participate in a childhood rite of passage. It’s amazing what one outfit, whether it be a suit for an interview, a prom dress for graduation or a Halloween costume for a school parade can mean to someone.”
Prom Boutique youth participants

Excitement filled the air as students poured into the Prom Boutique to select the perfect outfit for their special night.

Breakfast Television comes to NewCircles

March 24, 2015 – Jennifer Valentyne, Breakfast TV’s Live Eye host, regularly stops by New Circles to drop off clothing donations.

Graduate of Business skills program

On February 12th, 10 women shared a milestone as the first graduates of our new Business Office Skills program.

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New Circles re-opened for service on January 19. Meeting this deadline was no easy feat and made only possible through a generous team of volunteers. Amongst these volunteers, was the Professional Organizers of Canada (POC), Toronto team. On January 7, POC brought 15 enthusiastic volunteers to sort, hang and organize clothing, shoes and accessories in preparation of setting up our clothing service.

This particular team was just the right group for the job: orderly, methodological, system-oriented and perhaps most importantly – kind-hearted!

Within just 6 hours of work, the POC team had truly moved mountains…of donations that is! Special thanks to Dennise Conforti and Rachael Kalinsky for helping coordinate this initiative.

We are so grateful to all our volunteers and staff who contributed to this major effort in the past six weeks.