Holiday Angel Program

Holiday Angel

Becoming a Holiday Angel is a uniquely rewarding experience. During the months of November and December, the Holiday Angel Program matches donors with client families on a one-time basis. Our client families provide a wish list, which includes items such as clothing, kitchen wares, toys, and gift cards for groceries. The recipients range from single person families to households of up to ten people. New Circles can accommodate requests for specific families or family sizes. The Holiday Angel program is an anonymous gift giving program. However, in the spirit of breaking down barriers, we encourage donors to include a personal note or photo when preparing the holiday packages for the recipients. 

Last year, Holiday Angel gifts reached 615 people in the community.  

Our Holiday Angels come in all shapes and sizes; individuals, families, school groups, clubs and corporations all participate to help families through the winter season. 

How Can I Become a Holiday Angel?

The 2016 Holiday Angel season is now over - thank you to everyone who participated! Registration opens for 2017 in September. If you are interested in becoming an Angel, contact for more information.

Holiday Angel Donor Guidelines & FAQ


For the first time, I have felt the world is so beautiful. Since facing disease, hunger, sorrow and loss after loss in my country I was crying a lot. This is the first time in my life I have cried for joy. 

– Holiday Angel Program Recipient