Learning Opportunity

July 31, 2015

Author: Shamisa Paikar, LIST Student

My personal experience at New Circles has been fantastic so far! I have had various opportunities to express myself as well as build on the skills and knowledge I obtain. During our workshops we learned how to ask for a job in person, time management exercises such as prioritizing tasks that needed to be done, the different yet positive body language that one must display while speaking to employers such as posture, eye contact, facial expressions etc.

A fun exercise we did was dressing the mannequins up to make them look presentable so customers will like their presentation and eventually choose something. While helping out in the store, I had the chance to arrange the clothes in the back, help customers choose clothes as well as check out the items for families.

Unique and memorable experiences were seeing how happy families were when choosing clothes. It truly showed the positive impact New Circles had on them and their family. Playing games related to retail were also interactive and enjoyable. The retail map was informative and outlined the skills you possess and what career is fit for you.

Helping out made me feel accomplished when I saw the happy families and it made me feel like I have given back to the community in some way by internally helping others without asking for anything in return. I believe everything we learn throughout the workshops and the store is valuable. By engaging with customers we learn about customer service and how to interact with others. Through the workshops we learn important life skills that we can apply to every day life.

New Circles' GLOW clothing service is the largest clothing bank in Toronto. We help 12,000 people of all ages annually.