Learning On the Job

July 27, 2015

Author: Daniel Khoshnood, LIST Student

I’ve been volunteering at GLOW for the past week now and I still enjoy it quite a lot! I enjoy giving back to the community and this is one of the best ways to do it. I also get crucial hours for volunteering and valuable job experience that would be pivotal for my next job. The training seminars are incredibly interesting, I now know a lot about retail jobs so even if I don’t choose to pursue that path, I can respect the workers for the hard work they do.

I also learned some very useful tips like figuring out if money is counterfeit which is important inside the retail industry and out. I still have to work of course, putting clothes on hangers, putting those hangers on racks. Bringing those racks to the floor and restocking the place. It’s fun working the till but I also like the other options to add a little variety. My supervisors are really nice and relatable. The other employees are nice and friendly. Overall I would recommend this program to anyone looking to get their hours and a little money on the side while giving back to the community. The hours are reasonable the breaks are well placed and the entire program has a lot of thought put into it.

I want to work on my social skills and this job is a great way to do it. Communication is incredibly important in retail and I wish to improve my communications skills. I think I’m doing better already. I’ve made quite a few friends, work is pretty fun here and I’m doing great.

New Circles' GLOW clothing service is the largest clothing bank in Toronto. We help 12,000 people of all ages annually.