Hope, Opportunity and Skills for a Brighter Future

How We Make a Difference

New Circles is a shining example of what a difference a caring community can make. The connections we make with clients and other agencies create strong communities that facilitate new beginnings and foster a supportive, safe space.
Ensuring the dignity of our clients is at the core of our agency. We do this by supporting and providing for them on their unique journeys to a brighter future.
All of our clients live on a very limited income; most are new to Canada and are often refugees seeking asylum. Their path to establish themselves in a new country should not be hampered by a lack of adequate resources. Our innovative clothing bank and integrated skills building and social programs make transitions easier – and help set them up for success.
Our impact takes many forms. 

We alleviate poverty

GLOW, our free clothing bank, ensures that thousands of newcomer and other families who are economically vulnerable can meet their basic need for clothing. Registered clients can save up to $1,250 annually and  apply these savings to rent, food, and other necessities. Annually, about 12,000 people visit GLOW.

We strengthen skills

Our skill building programs, geared towards newcomer women in poverty, inspire our clients to develop employable skills, social networks and experience that help them overcome a struggle with unemployment, language and cultural barriers, and social isolation.

We build social networks

Our clients have the opportunity to make new friends, develop their language skills, and explore their communities, while building their individual sense of self, confidence levels, and comfort while settling into Canada. 
We refer our clients to other services in their community through our partner agencies. 

We benefit the economy

For every individual that transitions to entry-level employment through our certificate-based programs, there is a net economic benefit of $37,000 based on earnings of $23,000 and reduction in annual social assistance of $14,000.

We benefit the environment

We redirect 300,000 lbs of quality clothing donations away from the landfill and into the hands of those who need it every year.   In North America, the average citizen discards 65 lbs of unwanted clothing every year. Through GLOW, we recover the equivalent of clothing for 3,000 people who would normally discard it for landfill.

40% of clients at New Circles are under the age of 18. Thorncliffe Park, one of four focus neighbourhoods served by New Circles, has a child poverty rate above 50%.

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Olu's Story: "A day that changed my life"

"I am so grateful to New Circles. It is a backbone for us, and a stepping stone."

-Olu, GLOW client and Retail Foundations graduate

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