Corporate Teams & Groups

Corporate Teams

Volunteering at New Circles is a great opportunity for groups. Groups from schools, corporations, faith groups, and other community organizations are welcome to help in our GLOW clothing bank.

Group volunteering is a beneficial team-building exercise, as well as a great way to promote civic responsibility and community engagement. We offer flexible opportunities, including day, evening and weekend options. We are always looking for extra hands for our weekend events such as the Prom Boutique and Teen Shopping Days

Please note that we cannot accommodate groups larger than 20 people. If you wish to engage more than 20 people, we are able to accommodate multiple smaller groups at different timeslots.

Community groups who wish to shop in GLOW as part of their volunteer experience must register as GLOW clients first. For information on eligibility, please visit our GLOW page or contact us.

For more information or to discuss volunteer opportunities, contact us at

Projects like this are a great opportunity for our consultants to learn about the unique challenges faced by non-profit organizations, and to apply their experience and expertise to solve interesting problems while having a major impact in their community.

- Ivy Luu, Deloitte Consulting