Retailers and Suppliers

Retailers & Suppliers

Our GLOW clothing bank is always seeking low-cost or free sources of toiletries, socks, underwear and other basic necessities. We also welcome donations of new clothing, shoes and accessories.

Why Partner With New Circles?

✓ All of our services are free for individuals and families living on a low income, most of whom are newcomers to Canada
✓ Items given to us are redistributed at no cost; we do not sell the products
✓ Build your corporate social responsibility by developing strategic relationships
✓ Instil a sense of civic and social engagement with your employees
✓ Contribute to the environment by giving to us what may end up in a landfill
✓ Have your corporation profiled on our social media sites and in our newsletters


Think you might be able to help? Currently, our retail supporters donate slight damages, end of season stock and products from sample sales amongst other donations. Contact Dyan at or 416-422-2591 ext 207.

Please note: We can provide an official receipt for product donations, but do not issue charitable donation tax receipts.

If you are looking to help New Circles with donated product, our partner Bargains Group can help you stretch your donation dollars up to four times further, customize your donation and ensure the right products are donated. Additionally, for every product donation made to New Circles, Bargains Group will donate 5% of the value back to us in the form of a cash donation.

New Circles runs the largest clothing bank in Toronto.  A family of four can save up to $5,000 a year on clothing. 

Attention Retailers and Suppliers!

Donate your extra stock to a worthy cause.