Retail Training for Youth

Retail Training

Are you interested in a part-time retail job - but don't have any previous experience? Join us in July and August for Leaders in Service Training (LIST), our 7-week retail training program, designed for students ages 15-18. 

With a combination of classroom instruction and practical placements in the GLOW clothing bank, you will develop skills in retail and customer service and learn how to conduct a job search. You will also learn about workplace communication, conflict resolution, and finanical literacy. Throughout the program, the program leaders will share job postings and other opportunities and help students submit applications. 

If you complete the program, you will receive over 40 hours of community volunteer hours, a $250 honorarium and a Retail Associate certificate from the Retail Council of Canada. 

How Do I Register?

If you are 15-18 years old, fill out a LIST application.

To learn more about LIST or submit an application, please contact Joanna at

I am working at Michaels right now, very much because of the LIST program.  I got a promotion and am now a Manager.

–  Simona Rajani, LIST 2015 Graduate