A Visit to the Bata Shoe Museum

By: Nabila Tasnim, LIST Student

On July 15, the LIST program participants visited the Bata Shoe Museum. It is a shame that I hadn’t heard about it before, as it’s such unique location to visit if you’re interested in art and design. I was impressed by the craftsmanship of the shoes they had on display. It helped me understand the thought and design process a shoe has to go through before it’s crafted. The aesthetics of the shoes portrayed what trends, styles and weather conditions were in play at the shoes’ place of origin at the time.

Overall, it gave me a good amount of knowledge about the history of different kinds of footwear. My favourite exhibition in the museum was Fashion Victims: The Pleasures & Perils of Dress in the 19th Century. It showed beautifully sewn luxurious dresses made by seamstresses and quaint shoes made of beautiful fabric, patterns, and ribbons. They may be beautiful pieces of art, but behind all the glamour, many of these articles of clothing were made of flammable, poisonous, and uncomfortable materials thus making them perilous. It was an interesting learning experience that gave us more insight into the fashion industry.

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