Providing Youth with Valuable Experience

By: Kuralay Zhaksylyk, LIST Student

My name is Kuralay Zhaksylyk and I am part of the LIST program. Also known as the Leaders In Service Training program, LIST provides youth with valuable retail and customer service skills during the summer. Through a partnership with the Retail Council of Canada, the program allows youth to get certified in retail and customer service.

So how did I come to join it? Initially, I heard about this through a workshop at school, but I never actually intended to join. I thought I would get a part time job, as I applied to many, many places. That did not really go too well, as I am not working anywhere at the moment. Because of that, I chose to join LIST as not to waste the summer. I am now so happy that I did. 

LIST has taught me so much already: the nitty-gritty of customer service, monitoring inventory, protecting company assets and more. It is also giving me a chance to enhance my existing skills such as leadership. I am excited to learn more and I hope to pass the retail exam so that I can add this experience to my resume. For the second half of the program, we will be learning more about how to apply for jobs and make yourself present in the job market, which is very exciting as well. I would urge anyone interested in retail positions to take this program. I guarantee it will teach you a lot!

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