My Interest in Fashion

By: Jerusalem Bete, LIST Student

There are many things that I hope the LIST program will teach me, such as what style is appropriate, what is good quality and bad quality clothing, and what’s trending today. I hope to get some sort of idea from the GLOW placement how I could improvise on various styles of clothing that can be given to New Circles' clients to upgrade the merchandise given. So far, based on what I have been learning from the LIST program, when trying to give customers what they want and need when buying clothing, it is also important to promote and even suggest what jewelry would match an outfit of a pair of boyfriend jeans and a dark green short sleeved top, for example.

I hope to apply this kind of concept, with my interest in fashion, to the retail industry, as I hopefully become a part-time sales representative. My sense of style is more of a combination of old-school and 90’s, while at the same time modern/dressy. I enjoy trying to match and display outfits that I feel most teenagers and young adults today would want to buy and wear.

Making a plain white t-shirt exciting with tie-dyeDuring the LIST program, when we learned how we should display products in a store to maintain the appearance and attract customers, it made me realize that I could also make suggestions as to what to display, and also have young customers on social media make suggestions as to what they want the store to be selling. When Graziana Ciani from the Design Exchange came to speak about herself and her job as a fashion design instructor, she also provided fun activities including making tie dye and drawing on fabric. She taught us that it’s okay to express ourselves with our sense of style and fashion in retail. That is when I became more confident in what I wear, and how I can apply my interest in fashion with the retail experience. 

New Circles' GLOW clothing service is the largest clothing bank in Toronto. We help 12,000 people of all ages annually.