Learning from CIBC Volunteers

August 17, 2016

Author: Tayeeba Nur Rahman, LIST Student

The visit of CIBC volunteers to the LIST program was one of the most thrilling ones. That’s because we had to make a group of four to talk to the volunteers and ask them several questions. Meeting a person for the first time and asking them questions is something I'm not comfortable with. It’s like an interview, where you are the interviewer as well as the interviewee - because they might ask you questions, as well. However, when they came in and sat down in front of us, I didn’t feel that scared because I had members in my group who would be asking questions, as well. We got to know about their professional and personal lives, which was pretty helpful to be knowledgeable about the job markets and their demands. Both of the gentlemen were software engineers and ended up doing an MBA, which sounded weird to me at first, but they said you could do that as well. That’s really something new I learned! The second group of CIBC volunteers came in later and this time two women talked to us about their experiences. They both gave us helpful advice about life and how they succeeded.  I think their visit was helpful to all the LIST members, not only for professional but also for personal progression.

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