Seniors GLOW Day

Seniors GLOW Day

Our Seniors GLOW Day reaches out to the most vulnerable seniors in the community who are unable to visit GLOW due to mobility or expense.  We have partnered with local Toronto Community Housing residences and other community organizations in the area to provide transportation for seniors who otherwise cannot access our clothing bank. 
GLOW Day is a fun event that includes refreshments, activities, and an opportunity to socialize with neighbours, friends and our volunteers, while shopping for quality clothing, accessories, shoes, and new socks and underwear.   
How Do I Apply? 
If you are a senior living in any of the following postal codes, contact New Circles at 416-422-2591 to find out when the next Seniors GLOW Day is happening.
M1L, M2J, M3A, M3B, M3C, M4A, M4B, M4C, M4G, and M4H
To volunteer or learn more about the Seniors GLOW Day, contact Kathleen Nicoll, Clothing Programs Coordinator, at
Program funding for Seniors GLOW Day is provided by the St. Andrew's Society of Toronto.

Last year, 700 seniors were served during our monthly mobile malls.