Get Your Community Service Hours at New Circles!

Volunteers from Holy Cross School sort clothingIf you’re a youth aged 14 or older, volunteering at New Circles is a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable customer service and retail skills, build your resume, and complete the 40 community service hours needed for your high school graduation.

The purpose of these hours is to encourage student to develop an awareness of their civic responsibility and the contributions they can make in supporting and strengthening their communities.  Volunteering in New Circles’ GLOW clothing bank is a great way to give back to your community and earn your hours through a unique service learning opportunity. Youth volunteers help to tidy the GLOW retail space, do check out, and process inventory. In addition, you’ll have the chance to interact directly with clients and assist them with shopping, giving you great experience in customer service. Many of our youth volunteers use this experience to begin building their resumes and even receive letters of recommendation that will assist them in their future employment searches.

The opportunity to engage in front-line service work enables our student volunteers to make a meaningful impact, while building social and civic skills. You’ll also get the chance to meet new people and engage with other youth from across the GTA. August is especially busy for our youngest volunteers, and an ideal time get pick up those last few hours you need.

Click here to read about the experience of Grade 8 volunteers from Holy Cross Catholic School on their blog.

How Do I Get Involved?

If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering, contact for more information today.

New Circles' GLOW clothing service is the largest clothing bank in Toronto. We help 12,000 people of all ages annually.