New Initiative at New Circles – Helping for Eid

July marked the beginning of Ramadan, a month in which many Muslims across the globe observe a period of reflection important to spiritual values. As a core belief of Muslim communities, empathy for others and helping those in need is considered integral. The end of Ramadan is marked with Eid, an important celebration, featuring gratitude, family, festivities and food.

New Circles wants to ensure that regardless of economic circumstances, families in need are not only equipped to celebrate Eid, but also feel welcomed and supported in our community.

We serve many families of the Muslim faith, the majority of whom are users of food bank services. Last year, we observed a need amongst our clients facing food security challenges, particularly around the time of Eid. We launched a pilot project Helping for Eid, organized in a mere 3 weeks! This program matches donors with Muslim families in need, to ensure that they receive much needed basic necessities just in time for Eid. The result? We were able to support 50 residents in celebrating this occasion with dignity. The project was delivered primarily with the generous contribution of the Ansaar Foundation, and the dedication of Dr. Abdul Hai Patel, as well as a handful of individual donors.

This year, we are set to serve between 100 – 125 residents. Helping for Eid demonstrates New Circles’ client-driven approach to developing and delivering programs. Through assessing need, we have continuously developed and revamped our services to deliver relevant, client-centered supports.

In addition to receiving support from the Ansaar Foundation, we have also diversified our network of donors, securing more individual donors, as well as various local businesses that share in our vision and mission, including Shoppers Drug Mart, Iqbal Foods, Sunny Foodmart, Diaper Bank and Mondelez Canada.

At the heart of this initiative, we not only are striving to support families within our community, but also to build connections across social, cultural, religious and economic boundaries.

Please read the following article, to read more about our inspiration in partnering with the Ansaar Foundation, a core funder of our neighbours – the Flemingdon Ministry Food Bank.



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