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What makes excellent customer service? What kinds of store layouts are appealing, eye-catching and effective? What motivates you to buy a product – or ignore a pushy salesperson? These are all questions the Leaders in Service Training students explored on a Mystery Shopper field trip to Scarborough Town Centre on July 25.

Notebooks. A fresh pack of pencils. New gym clothes. These are things many kids look forward to picking out before the start of the school year – and that also help them get the most out of their education.

On August 19, twenty-one newly-certified Retail Associates graduated from New Circles’ youth retail skills program after seven weeks of learning and more than 45 hours of work experience in GLOW.

“No young person should be held back due to financial barriers.” These are the words of 18 year-old Vicky Vo, a recent high school graduate and aspiring neurologist

Husnaa Zamarai, 2016 LIST graduate

By: Nabila Tasnim & Husnaa Zamarai, LIST Students

By Tayeeba Nur Rahman, LIST Student
The visit of CIBC volunteers to the LIST program was one of the most thrilling ones.

By: Mubarak Busari, LIST Student
On August 16, Charmagne Sia Lu, a doctor of naturopathic medicine from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, came to the LIST program to speak to us on mental health.

By: Husaifa Mansoor, LIST Student
On August 12, Mackenzie Investments came to visit New circles, and it was a wonderful experience!

By: Hania Durrani, LIST Student
On August 11, Fiona Thiele, a Team Manager from TELUS, came to the LIST program to talk about interview skills.

By: Rahaf Al-Enzy, LIST Student
It was a few weeks of preparation involving clothing program manager Poppy Phioukham and half of the LIST students, as we put together the clothing, signs, and food for the Seniors Mobile on August 10.

By: Khalisah Ahamat, LIST Student
On August 9, the Leaders in Service Training program participants took a trip to the Hudson’s Bay at Eaton’s Centre.

By: Jerusalem Bete, LIST Student
There are many things that I hope the LIST program will teach me such as what style is appropriate, what is good quality and bad quality clothing, and what’s trending today.

By: Kuralay Zhaksylyk, LIST Student
My name is Kuralay Zhaksylyk and I am part of the LIST program. Also known as the Leaders In Service Training program, LIST provides youth with valuable retail and customer service skills during the summer.

By: Saawi Baloch, LIST Student
Being a member of the LIST program is an amazing experience. So far, I have learned a lot from this program.

By: Marya Habib, LIST Student
On August 5, LIST program students welcomed a speaker named Daniel Stambolic, who helpfully taught us about how to write an effective resume, as well as how to be prepared for job interview questions.


New Circles' GLOW clothing service is the largest clothing bank in Toronto. We help 12,000 people of all ages annually.