My LIST Experience

Using role-play to practice different workplace scenariosBy: Saawi Baloch, LIST Student

Being a member of the LIST program is an amazing experience. So far, I have learned a lot from this program, like how to provide excellent customer service, how to deal with customers with a positive attitude and how to deal with incidents that can occur at any workplace (for example, theft, injury and abusive customers). I really liked how we did the role-plays to understand workplace situations better and how to react to them.

Other than learning about workplace hazards and customer service, I have also learned how to apply for jobs and find the right places to search for jobs. I really enjoy this program because I have gained many useful skills that will benefit me in the future.

What I really like about this program is that the speakers come in and teach us new things about the retail industry, which expands my knowledge and shows me another side of the industry. All the speakers that have come in so far have motivated and inspired me to follow my dreams and achieve my goals. They have also taught me to be confident, take pride in my work, and try to help out everyone - but also make sure to be safe. My favorite guest speaker was Graziana Ciani from Design Exchange because we all got a chance to show off our creativity and work freely and express ourselves.

I really like the LIST program. Overall, I think it is worth it to apply and be part of the program because we don't only learn about the retail industry, we also learn life skills, such as how to work as team and work independently, and how to demonstrate strong leadership skills. 

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