My Experience

July 27, 2015

Author: Natasha Bhaloo, LIST Student

My experience at the New Circles Program is amazing so far. What I am doing in the program is hanging clothes on the racks and restocking the clothes on the shelves in the GLOW store. The most memorable thing that happened was that I met new friends. It made me feel so happy. Yes, it was valuable information that I could use in life and to share with others. My personal comment about the New Circles program is that the program is amazing because I get to learn new things every day. When I work in the GLOW store Monday to Wednesdays I get to work in the store with my friends and I get to gain a lot of retail experience. It builds confidence in me.

New Circles' GLOW clothing service is the largest clothing bank in Toronto. We help 12,000 people of all ages annually.