Professional Organizers of Canada Help Move Mountains

New Circles re-opened for service on January 19. Meeting this deadline was no easy feat and made only possible through a generous team of volunteers. Amongst these volunteers, was the Professional Organizers of Canada (POC), Toronto team. On January 7, POC brought 15 enthusiastic volunteers to sort, hang and organize clothing, shoes and accessories in preparation of setting up our clothing service.

This particular team was just the right group for the job: orderly, methodological, system-oriented and perhaps most importantly – kind-hearted!

Within just 6 hours of work, the POC team had truly moved mountains…of donations that is! Special thanks to Dennise Conforti and Rachael Kalinsky for helping coordinate this initiative.

We are so grateful to all our volunteers and staff who contributed to this major effort in the past six weeks.

New Circles' GLOW clothing service is the largest clothing bank in Toronto. We help 12,000 people of all ages annually.