Holiday Angel Program Brings Much Needed Support to Families

The Holiday Angel Program 2014 proved to be a success, with 183 families (530 individuals) served. Recipients were matched with donors in the community, including individuals, corporations and other organizations, who provided basic necessities and gifts specially selected based on the needs of each recipient.

The Holiday Angel Program continues to be a New Circles favourite. During a time of year, where many people are shopping for their own loved ones, it serves as a reminder that the holidays can be a difficult time of year for people struggling on a low income.

“Knowing that you are shopping for someone who may not have any family to share this special season with or the economic means to buy what they need – it’s rewarding to be the person  providing help and support”, shared second time Holiday Angel, David.

The success of the program can partially be attributed to the personal connection that is created between Holiday Angel and the recipient. Although both parties remain anonymous, through a card or letter recipients are able to communicate their experience in being the recipients of such generosity.

Year after year, a common thread emerges in these messages – so often the greatest gift that a recipient receives is the knowledge that their is compassion and kindness in the community – that even through the most difficult times, there are strangers with whom they have no connection, who wish to see them emerge triumphantly from their circumstances.

At New Circles we strive to build meaningful connections with our clients. It is our hopes that by walking through our doors, members of our client community will have a transformative experience – one which not only provides them with some economic relief, but also serves as a greater catalyst in their lives towards positive change. The Holiday Angel Program is one means by which we are able to inject the lives of community members struggling with hope, positivity and kindness.

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