A ‘Spooktacular’ Success – Halloween wishes come true

October 16th marked New Circles’ 2nd annual Spooktacular Event – an opportunity for some of our youngest shoppers to visit us and select the perfect Halloween outfit!
Over 100 children ages 0 – 12 were able to have their Halloween wishes come true – expressing their inner princesses, superheroes, goblins, ghosts and much more.
New Circles doubled the number of participants served this year, due largely to the sourcing efforts of event organizer Poppy Phioukham, for whom the celebration resonated personally. “I remember growing up with parents who had made the difficult journey to Canada themselves. As a child it is so easy to feel different or that you don’t belong. This is made so apparent if you don’t have the means to participate in a childhood rite of passage. It’s amazing what one outfit, whether it be a suit for an interview, a prom dress for graduation or a Halloween costume for a school parade can mean to someone.”
For many children their schools, daycares and community centres host events where children are able to parade in their costumes. Of course, their is the tradition of trick-or-treating – an opportunity to show off your character and meet the neighbours!
For many participants, this is their first Halloween ever as newcomers to Canada arriving from places in the world that do not observe this tradition. The costs associated with the purchase of the costume may be a barrier to participating in these fun activities with fellow children.
At New Circles we believe that an important part of settlement and integration is access – access to the resources necessary to fully participate in the community.
New Circles wishes to thank our generous donors for collecting Halloween costumes for our event. A special thanks to Peek Freans, Havergal College, St. John’s York Mills Anglican Church,Lawrence Park Community Church, North York Mom’s Group, Golden Mile Employment & Social Services and the Lauber / McGregor’s.
We wish to thank Alcon (a division of Novartis) for helping us put together over 100 ‘spooktacular’ backpacks!
Have a trick-or-treater at home? We encourage you to save their costume after Halloween and donate it to New Circles for Spooktacular 2015! Questions about donating? Contact Poppy Phioukham at poppy@newcircles.ca

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